Create incredible 360° skybox with Blockade Labs

SkyBox Lab homepage from BlockadeLabs
SkyBox Lab homepage from Blockade Labs

This has become one of my favorite places to explore and play. With only a few words ( prompt ) descriptions and a style to choose from, plenty of beautiful and incredible skybox worlds pop up on the screen in a 360° view. The result is amazing and coherent based on the Stable Diffusion AI, which can create images from text. As you will see, the tool is straightforward to use.

Here are some examples of panoramic I created :

SkyBox example prompt : italian street with lots of flying balloons
Sky Box Labs example 2 prompt : a golden pyramid in middle of red desert stormy wheather
SkyBox Labs example 3 : prompt A landscape of Brittany with lighthouses and sailboats, Golden hour, house with black roof
Skybox Labs example 4 : City of trees view from inside a cosy and warm wood caban

So let’s dive into the magic of SkyBox Lab

blockade labs popup

First, you need to confirm the popup page that appears.

Then you simply describe in a few words ( up to 390 characters ) what you want to create ( it seems to understand several languages like french).

SkyBox prompt description

Choose one of many different styles of rendering :

SkyBox styles

After selecting one of the styles of rendering, simply click on Generate button, wait for 30s, and voilà! Press the mouse cursor and explore your new creation in a 360° view.
Use the download button to save your image or simply share it with the last button.

Gyro motion on mobile

If you look at your skybox from a mobile phone, turn on the gyro motion button on the top right of your screen to make it even more immersive.

UPDATE from 05 April 2023 :

A new feature is available called REMIX. With remix, take any skybox and give it new style! Your remix prompt will affect the look and feel of the currently active skybox, while keeping its structure and depth intact.

Here is an example I make from the City of Trees :

Original skybox :

City of trees before remix City of trees view from inside a cosy and warm wood caban

Then after selecting the “Remix This” tab, I slightly change the prompt to add a snowy mood and click the Remix button :

blockade labs sybox prompt remix
City of trees in snow land view from inside a cosy and warm wood caban

Here the result :

City of trees remix with snow : prompt : City of trees in snow land view from inside a cosy and warm wood caban

And here with a totally new prompt to go under the sea. I click two times on remix to get a better feeling.

City of trees remix with under sea village prompt : village under the sea with house made of corals, fishes

I hope you will enjoy this incredible tool.

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  1. A medium-sized tree house with stairs in the green forest and one side of the house next to the tree house should have a bridge that connects to another tree.

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