The worlds here were created between 1997 and 1999 using a tool called Internet Space Builder 2.1 (info …) and Cosmo Worlds 2.0. These worlds were in VRML format, a 3-dimensional virtual universe description language.

The virtual worlds were also accessible from the virtual community of the 2nd World ( Genèse ) of Canal +, via a 3D chat.

Users could evolve, discuss and interact in 3D universes using avatars, via a plugin called Blaxxun Contact.

Today, the support of Blaxxun Contact is no longer assured. It is however possible to explore virtual worlds without plugins directly from the browser thanks to WebGL. Whether on the computer, tablet, mobile or even console. Among the many existing frameworks, the choice fell on Babylon.js.

Babylon.js is an open and free framework, rather easy to learn and with an active and caring community. It has many tools like a sandbox and a playground to quickly test ideas/concepts.

The documentation is extensive and it is really interesting in a world to be able to play with the parameters via an inspector directly from the browser (if you are curious, press the “L” key in one of the worlds).

To switch from VRML format to Babylon.js format, the Blender tool was a great help to me. I will soon propose an article detailing this migration.

Finally, concerning the graphic aspect, I tried to keep as much as possible the original aspect of the different worlds. There are two exceptions, the forest surrounding the city of trees which did not exist at the time, and the rain using particles in the great hall world. Otherwise, everything is like at the time 🙂

If you want me to address certain topics through articles / tutorials, please send me a message.